Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Eurominuteman replies to Eurominuteman on YouTube

The Teutonic Twat, Eurominuteman,  replies to himself on You Tube!
His latest lever against Opensim is Minecraft. He throws Minecraft sign-ups at Opensim like a mob stoning a 16th century witch.

Get a load of this drivel:

@Eurominuteman Actual Minecraft Statistics w w w . minecraft . net / stats
Eurominuteman 15 hours ago
@Eurominuteman I Am An Out-World Newbie - Please Pick Me Up At My Busstop
Short Link ow . ly / 7kSyX
Eurominuteman 1 day ago

This is getting serious. Opensim bloggers, if you are allow this guy to persist, you are contributing to damage of Opensim. Somethings up.


  1. poor James - he is a bit tormented but sometimes has useful links - it's just that he goes on and on and many people simply can't wade past his comments

    i'm not defending him and have deleted 100 or so of his comments but, imo, it's easy enough to skip over his comments - maybe i am too tolerant?

  2. Tolerance must be a positive virtue. And George Elliot once said The responsibility of tolerance lies in those who have the wider vision.

    And while some of the things James posts are technically correct, the key is he is too noisy. And oddly so.

    Opensim relies on its community, search results and social networking. Like it not, Google is currently central to much of it. Dilution of this will damage Opensim.

    I would like you to direct you to this example. Read some of the posts by others. This forum group has nearly been decimated.

    Of note is the post by "M" which reads "A statistical outlier of this sort(James persistant posting) pulls apart the fabric of a collaborative network. At best, there is a tremendous inclusion cost, or the network can fall apart."