Saturday, 5 November 2011

Justincc update - Opensimulator 29 October 2011

JustinCC has posted an update of latest fixes and features to Opensim Server Core.

Of note is this one: "Michelle Argus contributed a patch so that permission to execute individual OSSL functions can be enabled for the group of the parcel the script is on and/or the parcel owner and/or the estate manager and/or the region owner.  This is in addition to the existing ability to enable individual function permissions for everybody or an individual user.  Please see the [XEngine] section of OpenSim.ini.example for more details (41395d5)."

This is significant and will allow group members to do cool things leveraging the OSSL (Opensim Scripting Language).
I must write a post about the various OSSL functions sometime. In short they allow some cool stuff to be done. Way cooler than Second Life LSL functions.
Justin's post here:

The OSSL functions:

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