Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Fashion-oriented social game using Opensim assets

James Wagner Au over at New World Notes has some predictions for Second Life in 2012.
This is a pragmatic post by Au and has plenty of Merit. He notes:

"Fashion-oriented social game using SL assets. Avatar fashion remains one of Second Life's best and most attractive assets. Unfortunately, these assets are obscured behind a large, cumbersome 3D client. Meanwhile, games like It Girl on Facebook have proven there's a huge market for light roleplaying games with fashion as a mechanic. At the same time, these games are stymied by the cost involved in creating new fashion assets -- something SL has in abundance."

One small hiccup, those SL fashion assets are mostly not owned by Linden Labs. So Linden Labs will have some wrangling to do. Au is probably right on this one. Linden Labs just has to engineer the content to belong to them.

Likewise though, I like the sound of "Fashion-oriented social game using Opensim assets".
Who would like to earn money making assets?

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