Saturday, 7 April 2012

Opensim Bun Fight


Question: If you had a choice, which one of the following is more deserving of being sent to the electric chair?

a. A serial killer with 8 victims
b. An Opensim blogger, that questions aspects of Opensim?

Well, if you chose "b" then you are certainly in agreement with numerous people in the Opensim community!

Release the hounds!

Read this blog and associated comments.

Some then retreated to iliveisl medical tent to lick their wounds.

Fork me!

So whats the real beef here? Why did Maria's post ruffle feathers? 

The answer lies in the time honored tradition of "software forks" - where a piece of Opensource software is taken, and modified. 

Wikipedia defines it as:

 "In software engineering, a project fork happens when developers take a copy of source code from one software package and start independent development on it, creating a distinct piece of software. The term often implies not merely a development branch, but a split in the developer community, a form of schism".

Inworldsz is a Fork of Opensimulator, and has been for quite a while.

Divide and Rule

That list bit of wiki's definition is pertinent - schism, as it usually applies to religious differences.

But, as in this case, computer history is littered with battlegrounds of other software forks. People get very passionate! 

So passionate, they will quickly side up and fight to the death.

What has been achieved?

Someone at Linden Labs will be dancing a happy jig at all this. They would have finished their week on a high.

Nice one Opensim(and Inworldz) people! I am sure you have made at least one Labber very happy.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Tit-for-Tat in Sim Count War

Region count in virtual worlds is starting to be used more as measure of success by various bloggers.

Clearly this displeases some. The Politburo has perhaps read some pro Opensim Reports and promptly gone back to their State Run Media to suppress these blights against the State.

Linden mouth piece, New World Notes, has responded to various articles about declining Second Life regions, by sending back a volley about declining Opensim regions.

In an indicative tossing-his-toys-from-his-cot, New World Notes blogger James Wagner Au has scrawled his crayons over the wallpaper:

Maria's graph showing Region Counts

New World Notes crayon defaced equivalent, 
retorting maria's BLASPHEMY!

An Opensim blogger's car the day after 
posting on the huge success of Opensim growth.
The blogger cannot be found. 

This leads this blog to warn Opensim blogger's to reign in their heresy, lest the Regime gets upset.

Noted Opensim loudmouths, who will probably end up with a car like the above and a pair of concrete boots are:  Anti-State Activist Ener Hax, distributor of dissent Maria Korolov, maker of dangerous goods banned from aeroplanes Linda Kellie, Hypergrid Arms Dealer  Gaga Gracious, developer of nuclear technology under the guise its for "Electricity Generation" John Pathfinder Lester

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Qarl given the ol' one-two

Karl Stiefvater got "mouthy" by
 submitting his  prim tool code.
The ol' man didn't cotton to the lip
One sided, abusive relationships are terrible things. For many reasons the abused party just can't walk away.
At some point though, enough has to be enough.

Walk away Qarl. Walk away.

Come to St. Opensim, Home for Abused ex SL Developers.

Love, caring, and respect await.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Fashion-oriented social game using Opensim assets

James Wagner Au over at New World Notes has some predictions for Second Life in 2012.
This is a pragmatic post by Au and has plenty of Merit. He notes:

"Fashion-oriented social game using SL assets. Avatar fashion remains one of Second Life's best and most attractive assets. Unfortunately, these assets are obscured behind a large, cumbersome 3D client. Meanwhile, games like It Girl on Facebook have proven there's a huge market for light roleplaying games with fashion as a mechanic. At the same time, these games are stymied by the cost involved in creating new fashion assets -- something SL has in abundance."

One small hiccup, those SL fashion assets are mostly not owned by Linden Labs. So Linden Labs will have some wrangling to do. Au is probably right on this one. Linden Labs just has to engineer the content to belong to them.

Likewise though, I like the sound of "Fashion-oriented social game using Opensim assets".
Who would like to earn money making assets?

Monday, 9 January 2012

Ener Hax ( - Opensim Community Member of Distinction

Ener Hax is the writer at iliveisl is short for I Live in Science Land. Supposedly the site is a partner site for an upcoming educational book that will use a 3d world for the interactive component.
Ener Hax earns my Opensim Community Member of Distinction. 
Heres why...Ener Hax's writing has made one of the most informative user perspective sites about opensim in existence. Of course, the core developers and other contributors to the Opensimulater project are most significant, but without user uptake, nothing is of real value.
As a nod to the sites importance, some significant names in the Opensim community have replied to iliveisl blog posts.
Perhaps inadvertently, the prolific nature of the posts, are one users account of a fall of the heyday of Second life to the adoption of Opensimulator for the iliveisl project. 

A chronology of iliveisl - AKA a resident migrating from Second Life to Opensim.

Jan 2008 - Ener Hax's first post. Hax was very active is SL. Early posts show this.

April 2008 - Ener Hax calls for Estate Agents for the iliveisl regions in Second Life. 

This would have been about the time the Second Life Openspace regions were a viable option. In September 2009 there were fifty posts in one month.

January 2010 - It is decided to wind down the iliveisl Estates in Second Life.

Nothing highlights the Linden Labs separation from reality, than a resident's show of emotion at the realization that they are quitting their investment in Second Life. Opensim Zealot, much like the RL person that controls him, can have problems with pragmatism. Reading posts like this one can make one a little teary...followed within about 1 minute by anger *looks around for a Linden standing in the blast radius that I can give a good bop on the nose*  

January 2010 - by now iliveisl and Ener Hax have progressed to the Opensim based Reaction Grid. Later Ener would move from Reaction Grid to other hosts as she finds her feet.

Opensim hosting options are one of the biggest challenges an ex SL resident faces when uptaking Opensim.

August 2010 - There were 62 posts in  August  2010. The posts are starting to highlight two types of posts: tutorial/walk through based on getting things going in Opensim, and secondly,  political commentaries around Opensim and  Second Life. 

August 2011 - A hiccup. A successful, active blog, where respondents are significant people such as Justin Clarke-Casey. This can attract... weirdos. The "Euro" stage was one in which a person posted irreverent tripe. Ener Hax's attitude was that all opinions are valid. Opensim Zealot's attitude was that this was destroying the Opensim community. Fortunately, Eurominuteman/James O'Reilly has gone on to harass the MineCraft community. 

January 2012 - What iliveisl is all about - learning in a 3d environment. 
In this case, sewerage processing. The green pipe is a standard color. Green carries sewerage, blue carries clean water. In this picture, a turbine, driven by sewerage flow, powers a generator.


iliveisl pages by date index

Enclave Harbour - "Virtual guided field trips"

Sim on a Stick - A USB stick stand alone capable version of opensim

Sunday, 25 December 2011

The End of Second Life is nigh

An interesting article from CNN iReport: The End of Second Life is Nigh

Some choice bits:
  • OpenSim ah OpenSim… proliferating roll-your-own versions of SL. Numerous and inexpensive new worlds. And the technology is free! There you find oodles of free prims for your inexhaustible creativity.
  • Out of the Fortune 100, only 3 remain: CNN/Time-Warner, Dell, and a few embarrassing prims on IBM Events region.
In short, this article cuts Linden Labs a new one, and heaps recommendations galore onto Opensim. Proof that CNN is possibly the greatest news organisation in the world.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

This is why I do it.

 Justin Clark-Casey 

"I am developing a brutal hatred for spammers. Scum of the earth."

So tweets justincc, Opensim core developer, and overall champion of Opensim.

I am not sure of the specifics( I am presuming he didnt just lose $2000 sending a deposit to the estate of his long dead,and previously unknown brother, the King of Uganda.)

Regardless, here we have this key Opensim person distracted by filthy spammers.

Thus, I continue my crusade against those spammers I can - the "dirty scum" Opensim blog spammers that peddle their shit, and leverage blogs for link poisoning.

Watch this space. I have the dirt on one active Opensim spammer :D

They play all high and mighty in Second Life(curiously, not in Opensim), yet manipulate and lie to those that try to help.

A warning to Opensim bloggers: don't harbor spammers, because when they are outed, you will only get caught in the splatter. And google remembers for a very long time.

Friday, 18 November 2011

The 15 minute fame spotlight moves closer to Opensim and....

...the Opensim community is caught with its pants down.

New World Notes blogger, and former Linden, James Wagner Au has referenced Opensim blog

He calls to task, the possible incorrect interpretation of Philip Rosedale, where he alledgedly disparages the Second Life user base.

Wagner writes: "Ener interprets this (wrongly, in my view) as, "If you are a horny and smart physically-challenged person living in Hicksville, then SL is for you!"
Well, I am not sure that interpretation is wrong. But here is what is: my rantings about Opensim blog poisoners, specifically James OReilly, aka Eurominuteman continues to fall on deaf ears.

I repeat, you are doing not just your own blog a disservice, but Opensim as well. Here we have New World Notes referring readers to this story, but we find, to not put to fine a point on it, drivel in the comments. Of the 35 comments, 11 are by James O'Reilly. 

Lets have a look at this story about Philip Rosedale's and  second Life, and James O'Reilly's comments:

O'Reilly comments "In sum, over-engineering and over-numbered bugs are the evolving developer problem, and reduced-complexity is the market-delivery solution for SL/Opensim."

My assessment of relevance: Crap

He begins another "LEGO Universe Closing In 2012" and finished same with " The Software Engineering Institute SEI nicely integrates these two domains in their CMMI approach, Capability Maturity Model Integrated. There is also a People-CMM in order to include the people skill side of things in this approach."

My assessment of relevance: WTF?

Another: "...integrating Opensim + Minecraft ". (Yes this is still a comment in the same blog.

My assessment of relevance: The irrelevance knows no bounds.

His next comment simply "Mixed Reality GreenScreen Project – SL & Real Life Blending Realities" (with a trademark link.

My assessment of relevance: The F&#king greenscreen blog was something else! Its another blog post. Oh god...I can't take it...wheres the rope?!

I repeat to Opensim bloggers: Be ready when more main stream media starts searching for Opensim. Do not get caught with pants down. Even if they have big waistbands. 

They are no good to Opensim if they are around your ankles.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Melanie Thielker - Opensim Community Member of Distinction

Melanie is an OpenSim Core Developer, and has been one of the most active contributors to OpenSim. A long term SecondLife™ resident, she has gained much experience in using virtual worlds.
Melanie is also interested in music and DJ'ing and describes her tastes as house music, 2 step and a bit of trance. Last week at the Avination Birthday, Melanie did a stint as live DJ.

I have added Melanie especially for her belief and passion for what she does - seeing virtual worlds, especially Opensim, come to fruition. A passion, though, can color perceptions, and dealing directly with consumers, or residents, can be challenging and not what every business grid owner is good at. I am heartened to see Melanie has rallied a team for the public facing communications and operations on her Avination Grid*.

This leaves Melanie to leverage her talents in Opensim development and implementation.
Melanie believes Vivox voice, a VW currency, and features such as Havok Physics are, or should be, an important part of a grid's features. Opensim Zealot agrees with this strategy.

Melanie's Avination page

*Disclaimer: Opensim Zealot tries to be grid Agnostic. I wish any and all Opensim Grids the best of success.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Eurominuteman replies to Eurominuteman on YouTube

The Teutonic Twat, Eurominuteman,  replies to himself on You Tube!
His latest lever against Opensim is Minecraft. He throws Minecraft sign-ups at Opensim like a mob stoning a 16th century witch.

Get a load of this drivel:

@Eurominuteman Actual Minecraft Statistics w w w . minecraft . net / stats
Eurominuteman 15 hours ago
@Eurominuteman I Am An Out-World Newbie - Please Pick Me Up At My Busstop
Short Link ow . ly / 7kSyX
Eurominuteman 1 day ago

This is getting serious. Opensim bloggers, if you are allow this guy to persist, you are contributing to damage of Opensim. Somethings up.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Maria Korolov - Reporting Opensim

Maria Korolov runs Hypergrid Business.

I am going to put her on my Awards page for her tireless, expansive and well written pieces on Opensim and related matters. 

Take this article  on the introduction of NPCs(Non Player Characters) in Opensim. She seeks the opinion of about 8 significant Opensim developers and grid creators, and following on are 14 comments, many being significant community members in their own right.

Thus, this is not just my opinion of the value of Maria's stories and Hypergrid Business, but the opinion of others, perhaps better qualified than myself.

Other points on note about the website are the Opensim Vendors directory, Grid Directory, and Grid Reviews.

For this Maria gets a spot on the Opensim Community Members of Distinction page

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Opensim will grow thanks to the likes of Linda Kellie

Linda Kellie makes creations you can use in Opensim(and Second Life).
Opensim's future depends on people like Linda Kellie. As the saying goes, content is king. Without it, any virtual world is just an application on a server.

Linda makes well presented items that grab the attention.
Practical items than help build a region.
This nice shop would allow someone to jump right in
and stock it with stuff they are good at making.
From Linda's blog here is part of her personal note:

I have listed my products under the creative commons license although I don't really care what you do with them or how you do it. I will never file a DMCA on anything I have ever made. I really just want people to have the freedom of having something with no rules, no TOS, and no fears. 
Since 2005 I have been creating for virtual worlds. And I hate to think of those years as wasted time. So upon retiring my main avatar "Ayla Holt" as well as some alts, I realized I had all this stuff just sitting on my hard drive. I could just go into every grid and box up the stuff and set it out for free but since there are grids such as Avination who have strict freebie policies and would never allow me to do that, putting it on my own website seemed to be the most logical choice.

In fact, I am going to make an award. I'll call it the Opensim Community Member of Distinction, and Linda Kellie is the first recipient. 

Linda's blog:

Justincc update - Opensimulator 29 October 2011

JustinCC has posted an update of latest fixes and features to Opensim Server Core.

Of note is this one: "Michelle Argus contributed a patch so that permission to execute individual OSSL functions can be enabled for the group of the parcel the script is on and/or the parcel owner and/or the estate manager and/or the region owner.  This is in addition to the existing ability to enable individual function permissions for everybody or an individual user.  Please see the [XEngine] section of OpenSim.ini.example for more details (41395d5)."

This is significant and will allow group members to do cool things leveraging the OSSL (Opensim Scripting Language).
I must write a post about the various OSSL functions sometime. In short they allow some cool stuff to be done. Way cooler than Second Life LSL functions.
Justin's post here:

The OSSL functions:

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

James O'Reilly - Reseller Agreement?

As previously written James O'Reilly AKA Eurominuteman is a threat to Opensim.
Why is he doing this? A clue could be internet reseller or affiliate programs. Typically these offer referrers a margin of 50% on low value software - usually anti-virus programs or system "speed up" or tuning utilities.

This office at James O'Reilly's Second Life property offers "tools" to help you.
This tool is not on the SL exchange. You must visit a website to purchase.
The referrer will make approximately $35 per unit sold.


Saturday, 22 October 2011

James Wagner Au - Metaverse = Second Life?

James Wagner Au is one of the more significant Second Live bloggers from the past and includes the present. He wrote the book The Making of Second Life: Notes from the New World.
Lately, he blogs "first-hand from the Metaverse".
Wikipedia introduces the Metaverse as "our collective online shared space, created by the convergence of virtually enhanced physical reality and physically persistent virtual space, including the sum of all virtual worlds, augmented reality, and the internet."
However, in reality, "Metaverse", in James' world really just means "Second Life".

James' blog:


Thursday, 20 October 2011

James O'Reilly - The enemy is at the gates!

A warning for Opensim forum owners and bloggers! Opensim faces a dire new threat - a trojan horse that is set to undermine Opensim.
That threat goes by the name Euro, Eurominuteman, 
Eurominuteman Jamesom, James O'Reilly, James P O'Reilly, EIConsulting Jameson.
Euro posts to blogs, especially Opensim Blogs and drowns them with spam, irrelevant comments, and obscure links.

Bloggers beware, he can render your comments section to a quagmire of irrelevant content, little of which, actually relates to your post. Your blog will be reduced in visibilty in google search results.

Method 1 - Post many comments of questionable relevance 

The title of this blog is Clouds help propel OpenSim growth, another of Maria Korolov's original and well written commentaries of Opensim based worlds.
Of 13 comments, 7 belonged to Eurominuteman. Euro displays his typical strategy - post links to unrelated content. When asked for clarification, he just posts another link to irrelevant material.

Method 2 - discredit Opensim community members

"For the purpose of hypergrid businesses, Maria Korolov’s dubious statistical approach is a dis-service for Opensim." - Eurominuteman, 16 October, 2011
This was in response to Gaga Gracious on Predicting the Metaverse in 2011.
This is an outrageous comment. This is a divide and rule tactic I believe

Method 3 - Google poisoning , diluting Opensim search results with link spamming and comments

Original post:
These are comments to a blog post by Ener Hax on It is worrying that Eurominuteman is permiitted to persist.

Are you a blogger or forum owner that has banned this spammer? If so lets hear from you.


Monday, 10 October 2011

Prokofy Neva - Why is she not an Opensim cancer?

Prokofy Neva writes the Second Thoughts blog about Second Life.
She does not like Opensim, and is devotedly Second Life. She is sort of the Westboro Baptist Church of Second Life.
She is entitled to her opinion, and does not pretend to like Opensim.

We respect that.

Second Thoughts Blog:

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Second Life Shill - Opensource Obscure

Opensource Obscure, at first glance, appears to be an Opensource friendly fellow. But Opensim bloggers and techies should be wary. He will post in your Opensim forum or blog, but at the end of the day it all funnels back to how great and technically wonderful Second Life is.

Take this guy with a grain of salt.

  Opensource Obscure (oobscure on Twitter). He tweets like a Linden. 
 Either that or he is especially benevolent. Some work in soup 
kitchens helping the poor. oobscure helps poor Linden Labs.


Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Why Opensim Zealot

I have started this blog as a community watchdog for the Opensim community.

As Opensim gets bigger, it is likely that nay-sayers will come out of the woodwork.

Criticism is good. But after witnessing some behaviors by some members of the community, I decided to act.

It is difficult to identify and eliminate corrosive elements in any community. Core Opensim developers are too busy for such distractions.

This blog attempts to identify the enemies at the gate.