Wednesday, 23 November 2011

This is why I do it.

 Justin Clark-Casey 

"I am developing a brutal hatred for spammers. Scum of the earth."

So tweets justincc, Opensim core developer, and overall champion of Opensim.

I am not sure of the specifics( I am presuming he didnt just lose $2000 sending a deposit to the estate of his long dead,and previously unknown brother, the King of Uganda.)

Regardless, here we have this key Opensim person distracted by filthy spammers.

Thus, I continue my crusade against those spammers I can - the "dirty scum" Opensim blog spammers that peddle their shit, and leverage blogs for link poisoning.

Watch this space. I have the dirt on one active Opensim spammer :D

They play all high and mighty in Second Life(curiously, not in Opensim), yet manipulate and lie to those that try to help.

A warning to Opensim bloggers: don't harbor spammers, because when they are outed, you will only get caught in the splatter. And google remembers for a very long time.

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