Friday, 18 November 2011

The 15 minute fame spotlight moves closer to Opensim and....

...the Opensim community is caught with its pants down.

New World Notes blogger, and former Linden, James Wagner Au has referenced Opensim blog

He calls to task, the possible incorrect interpretation of Philip Rosedale, where he alledgedly disparages the Second Life user base.

Wagner writes: "Ener interprets this (wrongly, in my view) as, "If you are a horny and smart physically-challenged person living in Hicksville, then SL is for you!"
Well, I am not sure that interpretation is wrong. But here is what is: my rantings about Opensim blog poisoners, specifically James OReilly, aka Eurominuteman continues to fall on deaf ears.

I repeat, you are doing not just your own blog a disservice, but Opensim as well. Here we have New World Notes referring readers to this story, but we find, to not put to fine a point on it, drivel in the comments. Of the 35 comments, 11 are by James O'Reilly. 

Lets have a look at this story about Philip Rosedale's and  second Life, and James O'Reilly's comments:

O'Reilly comments "In sum, over-engineering and over-numbered bugs are the evolving developer problem, and reduced-complexity is the market-delivery solution for SL/Opensim."

My assessment of relevance: Crap

He begins another "LEGO Universe Closing In 2012" and finished same with " The Software Engineering Institute SEI nicely integrates these two domains in their CMMI approach, Capability Maturity Model Integrated. There is also a People-CMM in order to include the people skill side of things in this approach."

My assessment of relevance: WTF?

Another: "...integrating Opensim + Minecraft ". (Yes this is still a comment in the same blog.

My assessment of relevance: The irrelevance knows no bounds.

His next comment simply "Mixed Reality GreenScreen Project – SL & Real Life Blending Realities" (with a trademark link.

My assessment of relevance: The F&#king greenscreen blog was something else! Its another blog post. Oh god...I can't take it...wheres the rope?!

I repeat to Opensim bloggers: Be ready when more main stream media starts searching for Opensim. Do not get caught with pants down. Even if they have big waistbands. 

They are no good to Opensim if they are around your ankles.

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