Friday, 11 November 2011

Melanie Thielker - Opensim Community Member of Distinction

Melanie is an OpenSim Core Developer, and has been one of the most active contributors to OpenSim. A long term SecondLife™ resident, she has gained much experience in using virtual worlds.
Melanie is also interested in music and DJ'ing and describes her tastes as house music, 2 step and a bit of trance. Last week at the Avination Birthday, Melanie did a stint as live DJ.

I have added Melanie especially for her belief and passion for what she does - seeing virtual worlds, especially Opensim, come to fruition. A passion, though, can color perceptions, and dealing directly with consumers, or residents, can be challenging and not what every business grid owner is good at. I am heartened to see Melanie has rallied a team for the public facing communications and operations on her Avination Grid*.

This leaves Melanie to leverage her talents in Opensim development and implementation.
Melanie believes Vivox voice, a VW currency, and features such as Havok Physics are, or should be, an important part of a grid's features. Opensim Zealot agrees with this strategy.

Melanie's Avination page

*Disclaimer: Opensim Zealot tries to be grid Agnostic. I wish any and all Opensim Grids the best of success.

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