Sunday, 25 December 2011

The End of Second Life is nigh

An interesting article from CNN iReport: The End of Second Life is Nigh

Some choice bits:
  • OpenSim ah OpenSim… proliferating roll-your-own versions of SL. Numerous and inexpensive new worlds. And the technology is free! There you find oodles of free prims for your inexhaustible creativity.
  • Out of the Fortune 100, only 3 remain: CNN/Time-Warner, Dell, and a few embarrassing prims on IBM Events region.
In short, this article cuts Linden Labs a new one, and heaps recommendations galore onto Opensim. Proof that CNN is possibly the greatest news organisation in the world.

1 comment:

  1. Fortune 500 companies were never that important to SL making it or not. Their tactics from the physical space gave them little traction in SL. And many companies get it that they can run opensim worlds on their own hardware and get all the in house benefits they want at way less cost. SL still has a LOT of community with a LOT of inventory. This is what still keeps people there. Although to be honest, I see less than 10% of the number of people I know online at any particular time I pop in than I used to a few years ago.