Sunday, 15 January 2012

Qarl given the ol' one-two

Karl Stiefvater got "mouthy" by
 submitting his  prim tool code.
The ol' man didn't cotton to the lip
One sided, abusive relationships are terrible things. For many reasons the abused party just can't walk away.
At some point though, enough has to be enough.

Walk away Qarl. Walk away.

Come to St. Opensim, Home for Abused ex SL Developers.

Love, caring, and respect await.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Fashion-oriented social game using Opensim assets

James Wagner Au over at New World Notes has some predictions for Second Life in 2012.
This is a pragmatic post by Au and has plenty of Merit. He notes:

"Fashion-oriented social game using SL assets. Avatar fashion remains one of Second Life's best and most attractive assets. Unfortunately, these assets are obscured behind a large, cumbersome 3D client. Meanwhile, games like It Girl on Facebook have proven there's a huge market for light roleplaying games with fashion as a mechanic. At the same time, these games are stymied by the cost involved in creating new fashion assets -- something SL has in abundance."

One small hiccup, those SL fashion assets are mostly not owned by Linden Labs. So Linden Labs will have some wrangling to do. Au is probably right on this one. Linden Labs just has to engineer the content to belong to them.

Likewise though, I like the sound of "Fashion-oriented social game using Opensim assets".
Who would like to earn money making assets?

Monday, 9 January 2012

Ener Hax ( - Opensim Community Member of Distinction

Ener Hax is the writer at iliveisl is short for I Live in Science Land. Supposedly the site is a partner site for an upcoming educational book that will use a 3d world for the interactive component.
Ener Hax earns my Opensim Community Member of Distinction. 
Heres why...Ener Hax's writing has made one of the most informative user perspective sites about opensim in existence. Of course, the core developers and other contributors to the Opensimulater project are most significant, but without user uptake, nothing is of real value.
As a nod to the sites importance, some significant names in the Opensim community have replied to iliveisl blog posts.
Perhaps inadvertently, the prolific nature of the posts, are one users account of a fall of the heyday of Second life to the adoption of Opensimulator for the iliveisl project. 

A chronology of iliveisl - AKA a resident migrating from Second Life to Opensim.

Jan 2008 - Ener Hax's first post. Hax was very active is SL. Early posts show this.

April 2008 - Ener Hax calls for Estate Agents for the iliveisl regions in Second Life. 

This would have been about the time the Second Life Openspace regions were a viable option. In September 2009 there were fifty posts in one month.

January 2010 - It is decided to wind down the iliveisl Estates in Second Life.

Nothing highlights the Linden Labs separation from reality, than a resident's show of emotion at the realization that they are quitting their investment in Second Life. Opensim Zealot, much like the RL person that controls him, can have problems with pragmatism. Reading posts like this one can make one a little teary...followed within about 1 minute by anger *looks around for a Linden standing in the blast radius that I can give a good bop on the nose*  

January 2010 - by now iliveisl and Ener Hax have progressed to the Opensim based Reaction Grid. Later Ener would move from Reaction Grid to other hosts as she finds her feet.

Opensim hosting options are one of the biggest challenges an ex SL resident faces when uptaking Opensim.

August 2010 - There were 62 posts in  August  2010. The posts are starting to highlight two types of posts: tutorial/walk through based on getting things going in Opensim, and secondly,  political commentaries around Opensim and  Second Life. 

August 2011 - A hiccup. A successful, active blog, where respondents are significant people such as Justin Clarke-Casey. This can attract... weirdos. The "Euro" stage was one in which a person posted irreverent tripe. Ener Hax's attitude was that all opinions are valid. Opensim Zealot's attitude was that this was destroying the Opensim community. Fortunately, Eurominuteman/James O'Reilly has gone on to harass the MineCraft community. 

January 2012 - What iliveisl is all about - learning in a 3d environment. 
In this case, sewerage processing. The green pipe is a standard color. Green carries sewerage, blue carries clean water. In this picture, a turbine, driven by sewerage flow, powers a generator.


iliveisl pages by date index

Enclave Harbour - "Virtual guided field trips"

Sim on a Stick - A USB stick stand alone capable version of opensim